The Time I was dropped 126 feet

Last week I went on a college trip through the Plant City HCC. We went to Universal’s newest theme park Volcano Bay. The park was beautiful! There were numerous parks with slides that had tubes people could go down with. There were yummy taco stands and tiki-like restaurants. I felt I was on the set of Moana. What I really enjoyed were the rides!

My group went on almost every ride offered at the park. From slides that made you feel you were going to flip over or get stuck in the middle of the slide to a cute water boat roller coaster, this park kept you on the edge of your tube.

I don’t usually get scared of rides. But that all changed when my friends forced me to ride this one ride. You have to walk up exactly 209 steps (don’t ask me why I know that) to get to the ride. At the top of the volcano were three tubes- a blue, green and red one. We were waiting in line for the red one. My friends Xavier and Eric said the ride wasn’t that bad as we were crawling up the stairs. Once we reached the top, the truth came out.

The ride has you step in a tube. You just stand there while the door closes on you and you have to wait until it randomly opens a trap door and you fall 126 feet. You have to hold your nose and cross your legs the whole time. The ride lasts 15 seconds and you land in a pool that is maybe 5 feet deep. I was shaking. Universal's Volcano Bay, VB, UVB, Project 533, Water Park, Water Rides, Universal Orlando Resort, UOR, UO

I stepped into the ride and stared at the trap door I was standing on. I couldn’t do it. So I made my friend Amanda go before me. It was my turn and I almost didn’t go on. Eric was behind and he convinced me to do it. So I stepped onto the ride once again shaking and mentally preparing myself. The trap door opened and instantly I was falling 126 feet. I thought 15 seconds was a long time. But it really wasn’t. Once I hit the water my heart felt like it was going pop out of my chest.

I am glad I rode it. Would I ride it again? Probably not. But at least I can say I did it.


Did you sleep well last night?

It is 2 AM and there has been a sudden awakening in the body and you start to panic as you struggle to reach the alarm clock. You did not wake up late. You try to go back to sleep but thoughts of what needs to be done the next day pile up, filling the mind with anxieties. A discomfort feeling hits you. You are too hot with the blankets on. You are too cold with the blankets off. A dry feeling hits your throat and instantly you believe of the imaginative capability to drink all three major U.S. lakes at once. While tip-toeing to the fridge, the silence thins out while every sticky sound of each toe kissing the floor amplifies. Mission accomplished: you have filled a cup with water. Quickly you chug the water as if your life depended on it. Drips of cool water fall down onto your Bob’s Burgers t-shirt. But you don’t care. “It is just water,” you think to yourself. After replenishing your body’s water needs, you walk confidently to the bedroom, ready to take on the next 6 hours of sleep. Little did you know… your bladder is only so large.

It is 4 AM and you panic once more for the alarm clock. Disappointment creeps in as you hoped your peaceful slumber would not be disturbed. You plop back onto your warm, cozy bed but then the sensation of having to relieve yourself after the gallon of water you drank earlier hits. You charge for the restroom without a care in the world. After peace has entered the mind once again, it is time to enjoy the last couple of hours to sleep. All is well until you wake up the 5:30 AM alarm of your sister, whom you share a room with.

It is 5:30 AM, you have another hour until it is time to get ready for the day. There is no future of falling back to sleep due to the amount of energy and feeling the power to clean or read for once. That does not happen. After thinking about these productive ideas you grow exhausted once more. Your eyes will not shut so you go to the next best thing to sleep: binge-watching The Office. This feel good moment last for another 30 minutes. However your realize how tired you actually and try to take advantage of the remaining time to sleep.

It is 7 AM and you still have not gained the strength to get out of bed. Your alarm went of three times but you gave in to the snooze button. The lazy thoughts begin to hit: “Do I really need the hours at work?”
“I am usually good about going to class, I can miss this one day.”
“I can do homework after I work.”
“Do I really need a degree to do something with my life?”
“Living in a van selling duct tape wallets does not sound that bad.”

Out of the constant staring at the ceiling and traveling your mind, you are hit with an unexplainable energy and begin to finally put pants on. Plus coffee, your life coach, will be in the kitchen waiting for you. Thus the day begins.

How I fell in love with Jesus.

I talk a lot about my faith in my past blog posts. I do not think I ever shared of how I became a Christian though.

I fell in love with Jesus when I was almost a sophomore in high school. I grew up going to church but did not really understand why we went. It was part of my family’s weekly routine. I did not really go to church as often when I was in middle school. For me it was always a hassle and I just wanted to sleep in or hang out with some friends. Middle school was a rough time for due to emotional stress and bullying I dealt with. Long story short, I had very low self esteem and felt empty.

Throughout my freshman year of high school, different people would invite me to their youth groups and church events. Sometimes I would go but deep down I did not want to because people who went to church intimidated me. They still do sometimes. I thought I was a Christian but did not full understand what it meant.

The summer before my sophomore year I fell in love with Jesus. I cannot explain how or what specific day but I was learning a lot about Him through other people I trusted and started reading the Bible for the first time ever. I fell in love with Him because Jesus was so easy to love. And I knew I did not have to prove myself or try to be a “good” person to earn His love. (Ephesians 2:8-9). Its a nice feeling too.

I do not consider myself religious. I just believe and have faith in my relationship with God. And that is a lifestyle. Praying for me is like having a conversation with God. I do a lot of talking and I know He hears it all. Picking up the Bible and reading scripture every morning makes me feel closer to Him. It satisfies this feeling inside of me that feels as though I am hungry and nothing else can fix that.

I know people have so many different views on God or even if they believe we were created by God. But all I can say is I believe and although it seems crazy, I know what I know and I hold fast to my faith.


Now that I am in a new decade of my twenties, I have put a lot of thought into my values and what is important to me. I am no longer a teen but am still young and have a lot to learn about life. But something that has been on my mind lately is how to be in relationship, the “right” way.  No I am not in a relationship, nor am I close to being in one. In fact, there hasn’t been anyone in particular that I had strong feelings for. But I have time.

Lately, I have been noticing more people close to my age entering in new relationships and engagements. My response is: good for them. But it hit me how I will eventually will want to get married one day and share my life with someone. I have an idea of what I want, like most people would. Many people in my life keep telling me in order to know what I want, I need to go on different dates to figure out what I like and don’t like. But I hate that idea.

I was talking to a friend recently and they related to me about being awkward around someone who is attractive. I am super awkward, especially around cute guys. I am embarrassing. Anyways, my friend and I were talking about how hard it was to even talk to someone who seems nice and then one of our friends walked by and got into the conversation. They were telling us about their amazing relationship and I asked “how did you even meet someone so cool?” My friend said: it was a God thing. That hit me.

I never considered asking God about dating or anything like that since I was in high school. In fact, I have not been asking God for guidance for a lot of things going on in my life. Ever since I started college, I started to believe I had to be independent and had to figure everything out on my own without anyone’s help. That can be exhausting. In fact, I am exhausted right now. The Bible always talks about rest and casting your anxieties onto Him. Maybe I need to start acting on that. It can be tiring putting the weight of the world on your shoulders, especially when there is no reason to be carrying all of that baggage.

God created everything, so why not ask the Creator for guidance when going through life?

In all honesty, I always believed I was not good enough to be in a serious relationship or to be married to a Godly man. But those are lies I have been believing about myself. I just wanted to be like the world and to maybe meet someone on campus and go on several dates before we become serious. My friend made me realize I desire for something more. I don’t want to date just to date. I want to be with someone who has the same passions for God and desires for more out of life than to live like everyone else.

This is not one of these cheesy blog posts about how God has a plan for your love life or that He will bring you someone, because I have not yet experienced that or know what the future holds for you. The whole point is God will lead you- in any circumstance. And He wants to. We just have to listen rather than only talking.

Spend 8 hours in Walmart Challenge


I love shopping at Walmart! I also enjoy watching the hilarious videos of these two guys who build forts in Walmart in secret. I am an adventurous person and I am always up for something unique to do. So while watching these funny Youtube Videos, I am thinking of having my own challenge to spend 8 hours from 8pm to 8am in ny local 24 hour Walmart. What do you guys think of this idea? Do you think I could make it? Do you have any advice for things to do during those 8 hours, or ideas of how to avoid attention from the workers so I will not get caught? Let me know what you think. If I do go through with it, I will do it during one of my Spring Break days next week and will try to convince my friends to do it to make it more interesting. This story will definitely be posted in my blog!

Counting your blessings

I am tired of being tired all of the time. I catch myself complaining all of the time about everything. It is easy to complain about life. This leads me to always having a bad attitude and that makes going to school and work much less enjoyable. That’s what makes it harder to keep going and staying motivated to do my work. It has hit me this week that I have not enjoyed what I have been doing for awhile. The idea of doing work has been portrayed of being negative and draining. I forgot about my blessings. So I am going to write about the good things going on for me.

  1. I have an amazing family who cares and supports me through my decisions.
  2. I have made some life-long friends who hold me accountable but in love.
  3. I get paid to write! I get paid to do what I love!
  4. I have a stable job in retail and have became close with some great co-workers.
  5. I have an awesome used car that has taught me how to look for things when something seems off.
  6. I am taking classes I love and teach me how to become a better journalist.
  7. I am involved with school and see how I am making an impact on people.

God has been blessing me and I never really pay attention to it. I think we all do that. We look at the bad things in life and forget that there are good things going on for us. If we did not have problems, we wouldn’t really be living nor would we become stronger.

If you are reading this, I don’t know what is going on in your life. All I can encourage is to embrace the hardships because you will become stronger in the process. Also write out the things you are thankful for. Focus on the big picture, God will get you there if you listen.

I Hate Mornings


This intoxicating sound screams at me every morning to kick myself out of bed.

If you are like me and do not enjoy mornings, then you can understand why I battle with the alarm clock every morning. I am a night owl and going to the gym and doing homework late at night has always been part of my routine. I also stay up late video chatting with one of my best friends. And that is what I did last night; I went to the gym, did homework and talked to Lizbeth. I went to bed approximately at midnight and set my alarm for 6 a.m.

I did not hear that alarm go off.

I woke up with my dog licking my face and realized it was 7:30 a.m. That is the time I am suppose to leave for school in Ybor from Plant City. SO… I quickly threw on some clothes, not paying attention if it looks alright, and grabbed my make up bag and book bag to get into my car.

My class starts at 9:30 a.m. but it takes me forever drive on 60 to get to the campus. If you were wondering why I don’t take I-4 it is because I have a huge fear of it from when my tire blew out while driving 70 mph.

Anyways, back to my morning. I went to Starbucks to get my coffee fix and ran out of there as soon as the barista handed me my drink. While driving and drinking my coffee, I spilled coffee all over me and had these noticeably huge stains covering my shirt.


Once I reached the parking garage, I started putting my make up on and enjoy the 30 minutes I had to gather myself together. I decided to take my hair out of my bun to make myself more presentable. BUT my hair turned into a huge AFRO!!!! I looked horrible. I ended up putting my hair back into the bun and gave up on my hair.


After getting out my car, I had to walk two blocks to get to my building, Because I went to the gym last night and pushed my body to the limits, I felt the soreness as I was fast walking to the school. It was not a pleasant feeling.


We all have off mornings. I do not know a single person who wakes up every morning signing to their furry animal friends and their makeup and hair is already on point. Even though we have off mornings does not mean we should allow them to stop us from having a good day.

In me elementary school in Canton, GA the principal would always tell us on the morning announcements, “Make it a good day or not, the choice is yours.”

We do have that choice. And how we think or perceive things is something we can control during those hectic external circumstances.

Where do you stand today?

Where did the time go?

When I explain to people about the numerous things I am involved with I am always asked, “do you have time for fun?” or “how do you manage it all?”

I am a planner; always have been. My weekly planner is organized with a to-do list and due dates spread out through the weeks. I keep track of what I need done each day and where I need to go. Without this planner I would have no clue of what I need to do each day, especially since my days are never the same causing me to never have a daily routine.

Let me give you an idea of what my typical weeks look like:

Monday: Classes from 9:30-Noon, plan for my leadership class I teach on Thursdays, work on both online classes

Tuesday: Either work 8 hours at my retail job or do more homework or work for the local magazine

Wednesday: 9:30-Noon classes again, homework, or work for the magazine

Thursday: Prepare and then teach my leadership class from 1-4pm, take my usual nap and watch Netflix until my 7pm class

Friday-Sunday: work 24 to 30 hours at the retail store or do homework or work for the magazine, also go to church of course because I need Jesus

My week is somewhat consistent. In between I go to events or schedule interviews and have to defeat writers block when putting stories together. I am also involved with the mass-media club with my college.

This seems a lot, but through the process I enjoy my schedule. I get to spend time with my best friends while taking the classes I love. My friends and I have a weekly tradition of going to Krazy Kup on Wednesday afternoons to do “homework” together when in reality we just hang out and talk about life. And I am happy with the way my life is.

Sometimes it is hard though. When I browse through social media I see people my age that are buying new cars,  getting better paying jobs, entering into serious relationships and going out every weekend on exciting adventures. My adventures are usually going to WalMart with my friends pushing me around in cart.

It can be easy to get jealous of what other people are doing. But I always go back to this parable Jesus told the people. It is about a master who gives three of his servants different talents. I am going to stop right there. There is more to the story but I believe many overlook this significant part. The master gave each servant a different number of talents, trusting them to invest and create and abundance. Talents correlated to money, but they can also correlate to what we are give now.

God has gifted each person differently and has a unique calling on every person’s life, if we choose to be obedient. I know God has called me to pursue journalism for unknown reasons, but you would never see me becoming a nurse because I cannot look at my own paper cuts. And I am okay with that.

Its tempting to lust after what other people have and believe it or not it can be vise versa. Rather than focusing on others, we need to focus on the path that lies in front of us, not someone else’s.

Who else is going to walk in your shoes other than yourself?

As cliché as this sounds, life is short and there is never enough time in the day to accomplish everything. So why try to do everything?

I decided this would be the year of clarity for me. Take time and ponder “am I wasting my time with my busy schedule?” and “how will this benefit the kingdom of God?” It is okay to say “no.” Just learn what you need to say “yes” to. Also, if you are in college like me, keep this in mind: if you aren’t enjoying the process to earn your degree, is this something you need to keep pursuing?

God created passion. We all have different passions. Once we discover what it is, there will be little dread in the work we have to do. Why be in despair?




Why I drink Coffee…

I never understood morning people. Waking up anytime before 9am is complete madness to me. But being a full time student and having a full time job along with other extra things I do, I must embrace the discomfort of mornings. Coffee has always been part of my daily routine. The moment I am out of bed, I walk to the coffee pot. Drinking that first sip of heaven awakens my soul to prepare for the mysterious journey of  what lies ahead. That can sound a bit dramatic, however it is incredibly accurate. Not everyone may agree with my love for coffee.

I have heard it all. Caffeine will stunt your growth (which I had nothing to lose in the first place). Coffee will dehydrate you. Caffeine increases anxiety. Coffee over all is a drug. I think the jokes are funny when people call me an addict. I like to exaggerate by saying coffee owns me or its the reason I can work in retail. Even though there is truth in every joke, coffee does have a deeper meaning to me.

I have been drinking coffee religiously since I was 15 years old. I moved down to Florida to live with my dad and stepmom at that time to start my sophomore year. My dad encouraged me to start drinking one cup of coffee every morning so I can be fully alert for school that started at 7:30 am. However coffee has been part of my life before I started drinking it.

My dad and I always had a close relationship. I have numerous memories of us spending time together by watching funny movies and t.v. shows, going fishing, and goofing off at malls. My more fondest moments with him are when he and I would go to local coffee shops together. We both brought our laptops- he did work, I played Webkinz. I was too young to drink coffee so my dad would get me a hot chocolate. I remember the workers there would give me extra cups of whipped cream. Coffee has always been part of our relationship and it still is. We still meet early in the mornings at Starbucks to drink coffee and talk about life.

Coffee brings me comfort. Smelling the fresh aroma or drinking that first sip brings me back to cherished memories of my childhood. It reminds me that life can be simple and even the smallest things can make up for the difficult moments we endure. Without the hardships in life, there would be no such thing as the phrase “it is the little things in life.” Good things that happen would not be as enjoyable. In fact there would be no meaning to the small things in life.

So call me crazy, but coffee brings me happiness. It represents the bond I have with my father and sweetness of my childhood. No matter what people will say, it will continue to be part of my life. Along with a cup of water to match every cup of coffee.

How broke is a broke college student?

Everyone has heard the phrase “broke college student.” We can make all the jokes we want (I for sure do) but there is so much truth to it. Unlike the typical college student, I still live at home with parents who provide. I still pay bills and what not, but I would not consider myself struggling financially. At least not now. Most college students do struggle financially because all of our money goes towards the expenses of living away from home and the insane amounts of college debt. Along with the stress of finances, there is also the stress of trying to figure out what in the world we need to do with the direction of our lives.

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to go on this amazing conference with some awesome girls. The conference emphasized on being a strong leader in school, work etc. Not only was this a good learning experience, I gained a lot from the moments of bonding with my fellow leadership instructors.

My good friend Lizbeth and I shared a room together for those three days. We always do the craziest things whenever we are together. Being broke and trying to save our dinner money for the conference, we did not want to spend a whole three dollars on one water bottle offered in the vending machine. While we were looking at the vending machine, we found an ice machine and one idea led to another and we somehow ended up in our hotel bathroom with a buck of ice melting it with a hair dryer. 23223271_1478299072247297_792180709_o23224674_1478298728913998_1935027310_oWe saved money and created a memory that will never be forgotten.

Sometimes life gets too serious and you need to be silly to relieve the tension. Even though three dollars was not much, we got get our creative juices flowing.

I love being in college even though being broke can be hard. But college brings a community of struggling young adults who are getting stressed out with responsibility. Even though we may not know what will happen after college, we have the memories, experiences and long lasting friendships that will outlast the temporary stress.